Legalpin uses the latest technology which includes:

Cryptographic signature

The cryptographic signature allows to identify in a verifiable way that a message was created by its author and that its content has not been altered, the cryptographic signature allows anyone to verify that the document he possesses is authentic and has legal guarantees.

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Facial recognition for personal identification through a system of processing advanced images based on artificial intelligence, allows the system to distinguish if a face really belongs to the user.

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Optical document recognition

Detection of documentation using novel artificial vision algorithms and optical character recognition that allows the user to simplify all verification processes since these will be done automatically simply by focusing the document.

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Blockchain is a technology that allows information to be validated and stored publicly and in immutable way. Its power lies in the fact that the information is distributed and verified by consensus among millions of computers connected to the Internet across the world. The documentary certification based on blockchain ensures the existence, integrity and attribution of the document. Even if Legalpin ceased to exist the signature of the document would remain.

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Solutions for
individual users

Welcome to the first digital network for people with verified identities, without trolls, without abuse, without risks, without noise.

You will be able to certify your Internet identity, verify your social media profiles, certify your email and sign contracts with just one click.


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We help you in the digital transformation of your business, improving processes, saving costs and ensuring the highest level of security.

We verify your client's identity in real time, fast, easy and with the same guarantees of a physical verification.

We provide you the best tool...

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  • Demonstrating data ownership without revealing actual data

    You can publicly reveal the digest and if conflict arises you can prove you had the data that generates the digest. Useful for copyrighted material, patents, etc.

    Document timestamping
    You can prove certain data exists at a certain moment of time. As we use the bitcoin blockchain to store the document proof, you can certify the existence of your document without the need of a central authority. Use the computing power of the whole bitcoin network to certify your data.

  • Industrial services

    We facilitate to key companies in the Telco, finance and energy industries the sending and automation of certificates and notifications via email, specially to cover the need of notifying accounts payable to clients.

    Also for the signature of salaries, contracts, binding budgets or partnership agreements.

    With Legalpin API we facilitate the integration of our software on native applications.

  • Sharing Economy

    We offer our identity verification Gateway to any sharing economy platform that wants to offer customers the option to verify their identity , to inspire more trust and credibility to other users.

  • Law firms, advisory companies and administrative departments

    We work with the best to make them excellent.

    Legalpin can be used not only for the sending and signature of certified notifications and documents, but also as White label, we faciliatte our own API to ensure companies can offer any Legalpin service to their own customers as an own service.

    We provide Access to our clients to the most advanced tecnology services on the industry, with these services our clients Will help their most deamnding customers and partners in their deigital transformation processes, making them desired advisors

  • Financial Services

    We help Banks and Fintech companies with their remote identity verification services, folllowing the AML money laundering law 10/2010 for money laundering prevention and terrorist group financing, we offer an easy and fast digital identity verification, with the same services and credibility of a physical verification. We imporve conversión rate and shorten the waiting times.

Demonstrating data ownership without revealing actual data

Industrial services

Sharing Economy

Law firms, advisory companies and administrative departments

Financial Services

Certify and protect the identity of your company on the internet.