Mission Statement 

Legalpin was born between Spain and UK. Since Day One, the company has aimed to make the Internet a safer place.

In an ever more connected and globalised world, in which we make more and more purchases and sales, agreements, bookings, votes, exams, etc., online every day, we saw an urgent need for a solution which would protect and certify users and corporate identities online.

We wanted Legalpin to save users time and money by digitalizing their processes and operations and by offering them a certified form of identification online. 


Few people use the Internet with malicious intent. Those few who do, however, can create a lot of “noise” and cause problems as serious as identity theft, fraud, trolling, etc. 

Legalpin enables you to eradicate such challenges. The company operates worldwide with significant legal validity. We use a legal form of “trusted third party" to witness the certification process and the operations users conduct.

Certify and protect the identity of your company on the internet.