About us

Legalpin was born between Spain and UK with the ambition to made the Internet a safer place.

In an increasingly connected world, where each day many kind of operations are made:

In an ever more connected and globalised world and where every day be execute more and more operations: purchases and sales, agreements, job seeking, booking, voting, exams… We thought as neccessary as exciting, to look for a solution to protect and certify user and company identities on the internet.

We wanted to avoid users wasting time and costs digitalizing their processes and operations while guaranteeing their confidence knowing they are connecting to a certified and real identity.

Few people use internet in a malicious way, but those few can create problems as serious as identity theft, fraud, trolling… and noise that Legalpin avoids.

To erradicate that problem, we operate worldwide with plenty legal validity, using the legal form of “trusted third party”, being witness of the certification between users as well as the operations they do between them using Legalpin.

At Legalpin we firmly believe in the revolution that blockchain technology brings, and its impact in our vision, that’s why we make a clear decision to decentralize our services to offer our customers more guarantees and a better service.

Certify and protect the identity of your company on the internet.