Releasing buromail: A certified email with read receipt to get rid of notarized letters

4 years 10 months ago
Javier Meizoso
CEO at Legalpin

We have just released a new evolution of the certified email service: the buromail. With Legalpin you will be able to send certified emails with read receipt and the same legal validity as a notarized letter, from your usual client and email account!

We are the only ones offering that kind of service. No extension installation nor proprietary platform log-in is needed. We will notify you when the recipient has read the email, in real time.

You will be able to send any kind of content or attachment, and as soon as the recipient opens the buromail, you will recieve a PDF certificate in your email, where we certify the whole transaction data, timestamp, content, attachments, recipient reception and reading.

You will be able to use that certificate as a valid legal notification in case of legal claim. If you like a free demo, do not hesitate to write us at, we are at your disposal.

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