Identity on the Internet

6 years 5 days ago
Antonio Fernándes
Legal expert at ASPERTIC

In the newspapers, on TV and on the Internet of course... Everyday we are bombarded with ads showing technology and social improvements, we don't even grasp the utility or scope they could have.

Our environment is becoming more Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous, making it harder to plan an immutable strategy, and it seems that the only thing we can do is to pivot and adapt ourselves in a reactive way.

Whithin this whirpool one of the few things we still have clear is that we are ourselves.

The uniqueness of each person lies on the own and non-transferrable characteristics, properties and belongings, and in turn that uniqueness become part of "supra-identities" we could classify as the "we".

It's unavoidable that this identities are moving to the digital world.

The advantages of the ubiquitous "I" are many and obvious; online banking, cryptocurrencies, virtual communities, videoconferences, signing contracts,... to name a few.

Similarly, we should be aware of the digital footprint we are leaving behind us in social networks, open spaces, private registrations, government databases,...

Integrity and authenticity of our data will allow us to use technology to our benefit; and being smart when using it will avoid us having fear on our way to the human-machine convergence.

Isn't it obvious that the most elemmental cibersecurity lies in ourselves?

It is time to take responsibility of who we are and what we do, not only in the pysical world but more than ever, in the digital one.

Certify and protect the identity of your company on the internet.