Certified SMS

2 years 2 months ago
Javier Meizoso
CEO en Legalpin

At Legalpin we help SMEs and large companies to automate their notification processes to customers, suppliers, shareholders or employees.

Is not uncommon that companies need a way to get reliable proof of notifications. In the case of Spain the most used services for that kind of reliability are registered letters or 'burofax', but both are very high cost services with time consuming administrative processes.

Some examples of use cases are sending of non-payment notifications, call for meetings, copies of meeting minutes, termination letters, contracts, etc.

Legalpin is the only platform that allows any employee in the company to send a Certified SMS using just the preferred email client and company email account. It is not necessary to install any software or learn to use a new platform.

The certificate is automatically generated and delivered to your email inbox, digitally signed and containing every metadata associated with the notification. That certificate has complete legal validity, and the same level of reliability as a registered letter or a 'burofax', having a notification success rate of 99%.

Certified SMS via email, eases automation of mass sending processes as it can be configured with your email server without using any API or complex integration, just plain email rules your server or infrastructure provides an you are used to.

In these times, remote work disruption and acceleration in the digital transformation process of companies, we love to help with this tool to reduce costs and time in all these mass notification processes, also eradicating the use of paper and collaborating with sustainability.

Do not hesitate to contact us at info@legalpin.com if you need more information or request a service demo.

Certify and protect the identity of your company on the internet.