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5 years 3 months ago
Javier Meizoso
CEO at Legalpin

As operating processes tend to digitalization, it seems logical that certified notifications have a digital counterpart, but as hard as it is to believe, the use of postal correspondence or certified postal mail are still being massively used as the main way of certified notification.

Services for certified digital notifications, as certified emails, are commercialized since years ago. This solutions try to certify the delivery of an email through a trusted third party, acting as a witness of that digital communication by a certified agent. That allows to certify date, time, reception and content in an easier and economical way than certified postal mail, but innovation must fight tradition to get to the general public.

Nowadays this kind of digital solutions are starting to grow and being used massively, not only because they are legally backed by the "trusted third party" figure, but also because of the sentences that back them, as the spanish High Court of Justince 855/2010 that recognizes the E-mail as a valid piece of evidence.

This kind of sentences are the beginning of a new judicial perspective for communications, and open the door to specialization and daily use for companies where certified communications are a essential, as the case of laywer firms, property managers, administration, debt collectors,...

It is infinitely more comfortable to send a certified email from your usual email client than going physically to the postal office to send a certified letter, and it is even cheaper and equally effective.

At Legalpin we are not only trying to innovate to make email certification safer and easier to use, but also serving as a private label for lawyer firms and administrators who like to offer the service to their customers and position themselves at the cutting edge of technology.

On top of that, since the emergence of blockchain technology, we allow to keep certificates of those emails and attachments in a way that it is immutable and lasts forever, being possible to check the certification status in any time.

Do not hesitate to mail us at info@legalpin.com if you want more information.


Javier Meizoso Fernández
CEO at Legalpin

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