Blockchain, Decentralized States

5 years 2 weeks ago
Javier Meizoso
CEO at Legalpin

I like to daydream, and maybe that's why when I got to understand the philosophical and technical concept of blockchain technology, I spent a few days without sleep imagining the revolution that I was going to assume, a few years ago everyone called me crazy, exaggerated, they talked to me about fashion, of smoke and lack of real usefulness, today it seems that it is already penetrating, in those who have worried about knowing the technology, the idea that blockchain is a revolution similar to the one that supposed Internet in 95, but my dreams already They are taking it further.

Internet was a technological revolution that tried to decentralize communications as blockchain is doing now with value, the difference is that blockchain collects in its essence a philosophical concept of consensus organization, distributed, transparent and immutable, where for the first time, it allows us to store and transfer value natively.

Therefore, in addition to technically revolutionizing business models such as finance, I believe that the concept of this technology is destined to successfully inspire future models of socioeconomic organization, surely curing us of some evils that have accompanied the human being whenever he has tried to organize in community throughout history.

Plato already spoke of the ideal state in his dialogues, although Machiavelli was the first to use the term State in the Prince, a State has always responded to the attributes of authority, territory and population, but the root of these organizations has been always the use of violence to conquer authority, even though over time the power has had to make concessions, increasing as societies have evolved according to the future of each region.

In my humble opinion, states today are more of a problem than a solution.

Beyond the moral legitimacy of the identity feeling possessed by individuals who have been randomly born in a certain region and who does not have to get lost, do we really think that today's societies are not prepared to live without politicians? What do they tend to do? Do we really want to continue to keep in conflict with people who do not have the same ideals of how public life should be managed, just because we are born close and are my neighbors or compatriots? Do we really want to remain slaves to the territories in the era of globality? Trying to answer these questions, I get the idea of ​​decentralization of States.

How do I see the future of the States using the concept of blockchain technology?

Imagine that after studying I want to start working, I have built a concept of what life is, and how I want to live it in society, I have some values, personality, and defined ideals, so I have to make a decision, What decentralized state do I want to join? Because once I start working, I will stop depending on the coverages that those to which my parents were enrolled had.

Well look, in this State are paid a lot of taxes, but I have good coverage, have agreements with the best hospitals in this area, a good pension from 65 years, and social coverage to people with no opportunity to work that are registered in addition to 10% annual donation to the State of solidarity, I like it, I sign up.

Well, no, I'm very liberal, I prefer to sign up to this, I do not pay many taxes, I do not have a lot of coverage, there is no pension until I'm 80, but I'm a saver and I'll be able to pay them whenever I need it, I'll also collaborate with charities when can and want

Can you imagine not having to fight with the rest of the people who were randomly born in the same territory as you to choose the model of socioeconomic organization in which you would like to live? Can you imagine ending forever the social conflict that politicians drag us with ideas bought from the past to take us nowhere to keep their armchairs? Can you imagine eliminating borders and that we can all live in harmony and freedom by choosing under what social organization rules we want to live? Can you imagine that the children of States still controlled by tyrants could have Freedom? Only for this last would have been worth it.

Well this could be possible thanks to the distributed consensus organization model proposed by the blockchain technology, states with different rules and coverage could be configured wherever there is demand, make programs looking for interested and organize ICOS to put them to work with different approaches, generate a new model of coexistence that separates us definitively from the social slavery that societies have had before political power and the pieces of land where you have been born.

Yes, the legislative power would necessarily have to be independent to the blockchain States and would regulate the coexistence between the different blockchains, and perhaps they could be the ones that elect their representatives in a big court that elaborates the common laws.
And yes, I know that it would be very complex to reset the current system to this model, that there would be a lot of research to do to assess all scenarios, but they say that utopias are premature truths, if many people find meaning, it would be a matter of building together a draft model.

I have some ideas of how a social demand of this type could be going, but my intention with this first article on the decentralized States is to invite you to reflect, to make your imagination fly towards a world without politicians, without lies, without corruption, transparent, of consensus, and where one freely chooses how to live.

From there, if you are interested in the idea, from Legalpin we have a deep vocation of service and research towards the construction of a better world and we would be happy to collaborate leading a thought project to draft a model.

We would need the help of professionals of law, education, economists, philosophers, sociologists, organizations, foundations, think thanks, companies and people of all kinds who can enrich us with their criteria.

Are you in? Let's change the world!

If you are interested in the idea you can write to telling me what you think and in what area you think you could help us to prepare a first draft of the model, and we will get in touch with you.

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