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We help you in the digital transformation of your business, improving processes, saving costs and ensuring the highest level of security.

We verify your client's identity in real time, fast, easy and with the same guarantees of a physical verification.

We provide you the best tool for certified email and digital document signature. You will avoid printing contracts, payslips, bills or budgets to sign them and scan them again. You will also avoid spending physical time for signing documents.

All of the above with the maximum security possible, based on blockchain technology.

All the operational security you need for your company

Global Solution

In any country

Verifies any type of ID

For any device

Easy to use


Mobile app for everyone

Directly from your business email

Integrated with any workflow via Legalpin APIs

The best technology




AML Money Laundering 10/2010

Legalpin complies with the AML/ KYC regulation, defined in the articles 3 and 4 for the non physical client relationship  and identity verification.

European (UE) 910/2014 regulation (known as eIDAS)

Legalpin follows the European regulation (EU) 910/2014 strictly, with the designation of advanced electronic signature.

EEUU, UETA Regulation and E-SIGN ACT

Legalpin complies these regulations and standards for electronic signature.

Remote electronic verification

We verify the identity of any client through a completely digital process, to accelerate your growth, increase your conversion rate and avoid any fraud.

We integrate our API with we platforms, apps, sharing economy services or any digital business where verifying the identity is an added value for the company and its clients and users.

We use AI and an OCR to verify and read any official ID from any country. We also extract all the information from the MRZ code to facilitate the filling of personal details in any log in or subscription processes that require identity verification.

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Digital contract signing

A global solution that offers the same trust as a physical signature, we also verify the identity of all signers.

From Legalpin you can manage the sending or signing of any document, ranging from contracts to salaries and legally binding budgets; essentially any document that requires a signature can be done through Legalpin.

Using our platform you can see in real time if someone else has received the contract, when they have read it, when it is signed or rejected. Legalpin also enables the same process with multiple parties.

As soon as the contract is signed, all participants receive a certified email with the Legalpin identifier, the signed contract and the metadata of the signature among the parties.



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Certified Email

Legalpin turns your email into proofs of notification, with the same legal validity of a Burofax.

From your own email, with your usual email adress and without any changes, you Will be able to certify the email from Legalpin from its 855/2010 version.

THe platform also allows you to store your certified emails into folders, searching by date, keyword or recipient. You Will also be able to generate a digital certificate into a PDF, to print and use in ligitation as legal proof.

Any document attached into an email Will also be certified.

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Certified documents in blockchain

The document certification provided by Legalpin enables to verify the author, date and full integrity of any document any time. We achieve this registering Legalpin encrypted certificates in the blockchain of Bitcoin, Ethereum or Litecoin.

This provides additional peace of mind with a universally accessible, permanent and inmutable access to certificates beyond and independent of Legalpin.

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Cloud encryption and certification

At Legalpin we offer the only cloud service where everything is encrypted and certified. 

You will be able to create folders, store, search and organize your documents as you wish. All folders will be stored in an encrypted manner, and any document sent from the platform will be registered. You will also be able to certify when and to whom documents are being sent.

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Legalpin APIs

Legalpin has open APIs, that allow any platform to use our software for remote identity verification, with automatic sending and management of certified notifications, or digital document signing and management. This is particularly useful for SaaS platforms, FinTech or workflow solutions.

We also develop personalized services for the integration and usage of any of our AI and OCR technologies.

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Advantages of being a Legalpin customer:

Get more clients.

Forget about tedious registration processes that make you lose clients.

Improve your conversion rate thanks to our verification system of users and registry

Improve your client satisfaction.

We use the most advanced technology to simplify the registration, digitalizing all processes and enabling safe and easy certified communications.

Fraud avoidance.

We are able to reduce the risks of being victim of identity fraud and avoid associated damages and extra costs.

Save money.

Our unlimited tariff will help you to always know how much you will pay and to ensure we offer you the best value.

Better branding.

You will improve your brand image, and we will help you link your brand in terms of security and protection with state of the art technology.

Save time.

You will also save time by digitalizing the operating processes of your company.




 Emails certificated


Emails certificated

 Signed contracts


Signed contracts


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Certify and protect the identity of your company on the internet.